Daily Archives: July 8, 2012

Girls go bowling

Every once in a while, me and my office mates have this bonding get together.

And since our annual sportsfest is near, we decided to practice bowling, courtesy of course by our boss.

We went to Paeng’s Midtown Bowl and Billiard Room at 2nd floor Robinsons Place Manila.

Before the game. We were supposed to do some stretching, but we ended up taking group pics.

My attempt to make at least a spare. Guess what? I wasn’t able to turn down a single pin with that shot.  I was that lame when it comes to sports.

This is what I’m good at ….eating…hahaha!

Score isn’t good, so I decided to just strike some pose with the bowl.

Final score. I got the lowest score. huhuhu! Anyway, I had fun playing.

The girls after the game.

I am not really a sporty type of person, but I did enjoy our bonding. It is actually my third time to play bowling. Two annual sportsfest games and this one.

Maybe next year I might get some decent score. 😀