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A Taste of Escolta Ice Cream

The other day me and my girlfriends (office mates) went to Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks to avail our voucher from Metro Deal.

Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks is the only store in Manila that offers Big Scoop Ice Cream. (Or so I think?)

They offered their Big Scoop banana split which is regularly priced at P120 for only P49 talk about great deal huh!

It has three scoops of ice cream flavors, banana sliced into halves, some chopped nuts, whipped cream and cherry on top and chocolate syrup. The one that I got consists of strawberry,vanilla and chocolate. I love the strawberry and vanilla, because it is not that sweet.

My banana split taken by my friend. I forgot to bring my camera and my cp is low bat. tsk!

Our Banana Split with IDs hehehe! (mine is not included, it was still in one of the staffs)

My Avocado Flavored Junior Scoop Ice Cream. According to the sales staff it is their best seller so I tried it. And it do deserved to be best seller. It is really delicious and very creamy.

Me want more!

We really enjoyed our banana split, and we promised to try their “Mount Everest”. It has 9 scoops of Big Scoop ice cream.