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back to school

Finally I’m done buying school things for Muriel. I’m no fan of late minute shopping for I have the tendency to forget something; even I have a list (sighs). I have started buying last March, and by the end of April I thought that I’m done with it.

But good lord I am so wrong. The teacher gave us list of things to buy and some I wasn’t able to buy beforehand. And to top it all the little girl doesn’t have a bag yet! That’s because I planned to get her a character bag from Tupper Brand, unfortunately I didn’t like the bag when I saw it. So off we go to SM North Edsa, and I was shocked to see all the people doing their last-minute back to school shopping. All counters have long queue (argh!). For a minute I thought I was again in 168 Mall at Divisoria except that the air conditioning is colder at 168. (Yes you read it right it is colder in 168 Mall than SM that time). After I have paid the bag we went to National Bookstore to have the teacher’s list complete, but as I was about to go inside I saw the people lining up at the counters I told myself this is no good. I decided to just drop at National Bookstore at Victory Mall hoping that there are fewer shoppers there. Alas, I am wrong again! You cannot even choose which one to buy for there are a lot of people; some items have fallen off from their shelves. What I did was to go straight to every section that I have to go and pick up the ones I needed never looking at the price (so much for frugality) and went straight to the line up for the counter. It took aeons to pay for the things that I bought.

I realized it’s better to buy at Divisoria and Binondo for school supplies, provided that you do it ahead of time. It’s not hard for me because I’m working at Binondo. I’ll just remember the added requirement of the teacher so I’ll buy it in advance next year.